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Sybase IQ 16.0: How to install SAP sybase IQ ODBC drivers on MS Windows 10

August 11, 2016

This post enumerates the steps to install SAP Sybase ODBC drivers on MS Windows 10.


  • MS Windows 10 Enterprise
  • SAP Sybase IQ 16.0SP11


Extract the SAP Sybase IQ ODBC driver installer from
the SAP Sybase IQ Network Client Installer


  1. Execute (double click) the setup.exe file.
  2. If prompted, confirm you want to install the drivers.
  3. Click “Next” on the welcome screen of the installer.
  4. Select the folder where you want to install the Sybase IQ ODBC drivers. You can also leave the default proposed location C:/SAP.
  5. Select the type of installation to perform (“Typical” recommended) and click “Next”.
  6. Confirm to proceed with the installation by clicking on “Install”.
  7. Click on “Done” to close the installation program.
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