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IBM InfoSphere DataStage: Test OBDC Connectivity

January 6, 2016

This post explains how to test ODBC connectivity to data sources.

How to Test

  1. Go to the directory $DSHOME.
  2. Source dsenv
      . ./dsenv
  3. Start the IBM InfoSphere Information Server engine shell.
  4. Log into the dstage1 project.
    DataStage Command Language 11.5 Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
    (c) Copyright IBM Corp. 1997, 2015 All Rights Reserved.
    DSEngine logged on: Tuesday, January 05, 2016 11:18
    >LOGTO dstage1
  5. List the available data sources.
    Data Source information from /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/Projects/dstage1/uvodbc.config:
    Data Source:       localuv
      DBMS Type:         UNIVERSE
      Network Type:      TCP/IP
      Host System:       localhost
      Service Name:      uvserver
    Data Source:       MySAPIqDb
      DBMS Type:         ODBC
  6. Test the connection.
    >DS_CONNECT prodDwIqDb
    Enter username for connecting to 'prodDwIqDb' DBMS [root]: myDBuser
    Enter password for myDBuser:
    prodDwIqDb> select count(*) from sysobjects;
    1 row selected
    prodDwIqDb> .Q
    Disconnecting from 'prodDwIqDb'


IBM Knowledge Center. Testing ODBC driver connectivity. Retrieved from

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