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IBM InfoSphere: Configure ODBC Access to MS SQL 2008

January 6, 2016

This post explains how to configure the bundle DataDirect IQ ODBC driver to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 data sources.


  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage 11.5
  • IBM IAX 7.1
  • MS SQL 2008

How to Configure

  1. Go to the directory $DSHOME.
  2. Optional: Make a backup if the .odbc.ini
  3. Edit the .odbc.ini file as follow:

    3.1 On the section [ODBC Data Sources] add:

    MyMSSQLDb=DataDirect SQL Server Wire Protocol Driver

    3.2 Create a new Data Source entry as follow:

    Description=DataDirect SQL Server Wire Protocol driver
  4. Add the new DS to teh uvodbc.config file on $DSHOME (and/or in every project directory).

How to Test

See IBM InfoSphere DataStage: Test OBDC Connectivity

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