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Python: Script that Execute the First Tuesday of the Month

April 2, 2015

Recently I have been asked to schedule a cronjob to execute an ETL job the first Tuesday of every month.

My first instinct was to add the following line to the crontab:

0 4 1-7 * 2 /dwprod/scripts/

But, this did not schedule as I was expecting; this executed every Tuesday and every day of the month before the 8th day of the month.

I took this opportunity to use Python to correct the scheduling problem. I was really surprise about how easy I was able to solve this with Python.

Here is my first ever Python script (


import datetime, subprocess

daynum =
command_line = [“/bin/ksh”, “-c”, “/dwprod/scripts/”]

if daynum < 8:

And here is how my new crontab entry looks like:

0 4 * * 2 /dwprod/scripts/

I had scheduled the Python script to run every Tuesday, but inside the Python script I filter for the original script to be executed only if it is the first Tuesday of the month. Even if I could rewrite the original script in Python, I decided to leave it as is was to show how to call another script from a Python Script.

I tested this on Solaris 10 on Sparc with Python 2.4.6


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