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OBIEE 11g: Bundle Patch Requires Manual Redeployment of Customized Presentation Services

March 19, 2014

Problem Description


After upgrading OBIEE to path level “1753796-Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Suite Bundle Patch”, to make it compatible with MS Internet Explorer 10, we encounter a series of errors in the environments where the analytics application has been customized. No errors were found in the environments where the installations were not customized.


Some of the errors where: prompts not displaying the content and, some tabs in some dashboards not been accessible.



OBIEE 11g running on Solaris 10 64b.

IE10 running in several MS platforms.




After a few days of trial and error to try to find the causes we discovered that the Analytics and Analytics2 (we have 2 presentation services configured, one for single sign-on integrated with MS Directory and one for Weblogic authentication) we noticed the files in the Analytics and Analytics2 applications (Presentation Services) where not up to date. We decided to redeploy both applications, and, BINGO!! Our problems were solved.

After reporting this to Oracle Support we got confirmation that if some of the XML files inside the Analytics or Analytics2 have been customized, then the upgrade process does not automatically redeploy those applications and we need to redeploy them manually.

Hope this can be useful for anyone that encounters similar issues.


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