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MS SQL 2005: Create a link server to Sybase IQ 16

November 14, 2013


When working in heterogeneous environments, some times is necessary to link different database servers running on different platforms. This post describes how to set a link server on MS SQL 2005 to Sybase IQ 16.0 running on Solaris 10.


  • SQL Server 9.00.3054.00 – SP2 (Standard Edition) running on Windows 2003 server SP2 using mixed authentication mode.
  • Sybase IQ 16 SP1 running on Solaris 10 over Sun Sparc x64 architecture.


  1. Download and install Sybase IQ 16 ODBC driver 32b on the MS Windows Server. I used “Sybase IQ 16.0 Network Client Windows 32-bit” (51045880.ZIP). You must install the ODBC and the IQ client in order to have the SQL Anywhere OLE DB Provider 16 (SAOLEDB.16). It is recommended to do the typical installation, this will install all the required components.
  2. On the Windows server, configure a new ODBC data source to the Sybase IQ database using Sybase IQ DBODBC16.DLL, for my test I named it myIqDs.
  3. On the MS SQL Server, on Server Objects à Providers à SAOLEDB.16, enable “Dynamic parameters” and “Allow inprocess”.
  4. On MS SQL, create the link server using the following parameters:

    Provider = SQL Anywhere OLE DB Provider 16.
    Product name: Sybase IQ 16.0
    Data source: leave this field blank.
    Provider: dsn=myIq16Ds;uid=MyIQuserid;pwd=MyIQpassword

  5. Test if the linked server is successful responding

‘select * from dba.MyTable’)




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