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Basic Data Warehouse Capabilities

September 11, 2013

Data warehouses has evolve over time, nowadays is common to have tables with billions of rows, to integrate unstructured data in the data warehouse and to program internal and external function in low level and powerful programming languages like C, C++ or Java.

Almost all the major vendors has integrated those functionalities on their data warehouse solutions, even some open source products allow integration of this functionalities.

SAP Sybase IQ has all these capabilities, but they are offered as options requiring additional licenses.

In my humble opinion, SAP should include (at least as part of the SAP Sybase IQ enterprise license), options like Very Large Database Management (VLDB) that allow for table partitioning and on different dbspaces, unlimited storage capacity, Unstructured Data Analytics (UDA) that allow the storage of unstructured data and data mining and In-database Analytics Option that allow to program functions with C or C++.

These additions will empower SAP Sybase IQ developers/users to develop data warehouse and BI solutions better tailored to the current need of the business world without the need to look on alternatives or add-ons.

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