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Configure Sybase Control Center to Monitor Sybase IQ Responsiveness

April 24, 2013
  1. Log in Sybase Control Center.
  2. If not open; open the Perspective Resources view.
  3. On the context menu of the server that you want to monitor, select “properties”.
  4. On the right pan of the “Resource Properties” view, select “Alerts”.
  5. On the “Alert Management” section, click on the button “Add”. The “Add alert Wizard” will display.
  6. Select the database server you want to monitor, and click on the button “Next”.
  7. Scroll down on the “Alert name” section, select “Single Server Availability” and click on the button “Next”.
  8. On the “Alert Threshold for Single Server Availability”, verify that the “STOPPED” state is set as “Critical” and press the button “Next”.
  9. In the “Storm Suppression for Single Server Availability” section, select 60 seconds (SCC will send messages every minute while the server is in stopped state), and click on the button “Next”.
  10. On the “Script Execution” section, click “Next” (in this case we only what to be notified that the server has stop responding).
  11. In the “Critical Alerts – Subscription for Single Server Availability” section, check E-mail and enter the email where you want the notification to be send every minute. Also, select check Escalation e-mail and enter and alternative e-mail where notifications will be sent if the stopped state persist over 10 minutes (you can set a different interval), then click on the button “Finish”.
  12. On the “Resources Properties” windows, click on the button “Ok”.


SCC will send notifications every time that it detect that the IQ database server is in stopped state.


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